FUSILLI project is halfway through – time to meet in Tampere with Spanish coordinator CARTIF

Different age women and one man smiling and cheering in a group photo.

In such a big project like FUSILLI involving many countries it is especially important to have professional support in project coordination and planning. Spanish non-profit research institution CARTIF is responsible for the coordination of FUSILLI project. They are in charge of the tasks of generating the evaluation model for the actions implemented in the Living Labs, as well as the analysis of the impact derived from the implementation of these actions. We had the pleasure to host CARTIF in Tampere on February.

We were happy to welcome Laura Fernández Casal and Julia Pinedo Gil from our FUSILLI project coordinator CARTIF, Spain to Tampere on 14-15 February. On Tuesday they visited AhlmanEdu and on the second day it was time to gather in Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ TAMK Catering Studio Living Lab.

A man and a woman discussing.
TAMK’s Project Manager Mikael Lindell and Julia Pinedo Gil from CARTIF shared their views during lunch.

FUSILLI project is now halfway through so this was a perfect timing to view on the many things we have already achieved in Tampere and the ones still to come. We have plenty of interesting actions going on relating to fostering a shift to a sustainable food system transformation and inviting people and businesses to join our living lab activities.

Students filling lunch plates in a professional kitchen.
Pipa Company offered us a delicious, planetary diet lunch.

People discussing in lunch table.

People discussing in lunch table.

Two women and one man having lunch.
Communications Specialist Hanna Ylli (left) from TAMK, Laura Fernández Casal from CARTIF and TAMK’s Mikael Lindell enjoying tasty risottos.

We were proud to present AhlmanEdu premises and TAMK Catering Studio Living Lab to our Spanish guests. Thank you CARTIF, City of Tampere, AhlmanEdu and Ecofellows – it was a pleasure to have you all here at TAMK! Thanks goes also to Pipa Company for providing us a lovely lunch made of planetary ingredients.


To learn more about CARTIF’s role in FUSILLI project please see FUSILLI international website. 

For more information on CARTIF please visit their website.



Text: Hanna Ylli
Photos: Hanna Ylli and Ella Kallio